Build a reading habit and keep track of your growing book collection and notes.

Wether you are someone looking to build a reading habit, or have read too many books to keep track off: Pageturner is the reading community for you.

Here's how it works:

  • Habit: Choose yourself how much you want to read, share your progress and watch it snowball to a streak you don't want to loose.
  • Explore: Exchange ideas on the book you are reading, or discover exciting new books. Discuss and discover interesting thoughts and books in a truly unique manner.
  • Your Own Collection: Choose the private post type and use Pageturner as your private book and book notes collection without using all of the community features.
  • App: Install the Pageturner Progressive Web App on your devices and (keep) track of your reading journey on the go.

Not yet convinced? Explore Pageturner and it's features without logging in. When you're ready, press the sign up button and start your journey.

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